Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23, 2014

I know I haven't updated this for a couple of weeks but I haven't received much so her are some things in emails he has sent me.
This all came from him asking me to bear my testimony on families and combining them as he has quite a few investigators that are blended families.

Well your emails brought tears to my eyes you are my mother and you always will be all though at times I thought you treated me different and you didn't love me I know you treated me different because you loved me!!! I needed the tough love that you provided to me cause if it wasn't for you and the love you provided I do think I would be where I am today.

 The last few weeks families have been a huge topic flowing freely around in my head and being taught. every lesson I have spearheaded I have always said my mom(you) and dad and I tell about you guys and the tough times we have gone through and the good times the lessons have the spirit there and there are normally tears for a lot of people.

 Elder Taylor keeps telling me is it may not be fair or even now but everything in heaven will be made fair and even!!!

The last few weeks I have been thinking of throwing in the towel on the mission I have been thinking that I am not doing anything good out here and I just should go home and move on with my life. but I have recently had an experience that has changed my mind. I have started making progress with a investigator that has had a rough life. She was put up for adoption and the people that adopted her just use her as a personal servant. I gave her my testimony and she has been trying to read the book of Mormon and be the best she can. When I came to Ralston / La Vista I lost my purpose I didn't feel I was needed or loved. I AM LOVED AND NEEDED.....

I am going to make it to my year mark that is my goal but when I get there my goal will go to 18 
months and from there to 24 months. at times I feel beat but like you said we just need to get on our knees and pray.......
I love you don't worry I am doing awesome I have days that are tough but don't we all??

Give everyone a big giant huge hug from me!! tell them I love them and I miss 'em. I miss you tons and love you even more and cant wait to see you in the airport!!!!

Of course I responded to all of these things he said to me in these emails but these were his words and this is his blog so that is what I decided to share. I know he is happy and enjoying his mission. Growing a ton and doing great. Thank you for your support and love. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 2, 2014

Okay.... running a bit behind with Tyler and Stephen"s blogs sorry been a bad back week. Enough about me.

Elder Stephen Larson had his birthday June 1, he is now 23 oh my where does the time go?
As always he is concerned about all of us here what a great man he is and as always I tell him we are good even if sometimes we aren't but he doesn't need to worry about all our minor aches and pains now does he?
He had a nice dinner and dessert for his actual birthday on Sunday but then Janel (his mom for those that don't know her name) sent some money to a sister that lives in Nebraska and had her take him to lunch on Monday which I am sure was a great surprise for him and we are looking forward to hear about that experience from him this week. We sent him a great huge package to help him celebrate that he had a ton of fun with and his companion and him were able to share some treats and enjoy them.
Stephen has been able to do some family history work while he has been out in the field and is growing a huge love of it. He shares a lot of fun names and experiences with us and has suggested that Ashlee and I go to this is the place to learn and enjoy it. He and Ashlee have a shared love of family history so they are sharing stories of what they each are finding and that is an amazing bond that they are sharing. I love it.
He was also able to speak in sacrament meeting on the Sunday before last. He said he didn't cry and that it was a wonderful experience.
He is working really hard and him and his companion get along great. His companion is a go getter which is great to help keep Stephen from getting to homesick.
His mission President is in the ward he is now serving, he thought that was fun.
Stephen is working on getting letters out so if there is anything different in the letter I will update you all.