Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 23, 2015

So this week has amazing!!! Numbers wise this area hasn't seen numbers this good from elders in a while!! We are at least once a week going out with the bishop for team ups and by we i mean one of us so the two can go out and work as well!! double dipping numbers.
Shenandoah is still here the town still doesnt have much going on but things should pick up in the summer is my guess or its going to just die out. there are at least three companies that we have found that are only summer time. One is a driving range, batting cage and mini golf course!!! Its a tiny place. The other companies are an ice cream place and the other is a burger and fries place. the burger place is right next door to where we live so if i am still here when it opens i will have to go and try it.
Its crazy how warn out you can get as a missionary spiritually, mentally and physically. The last few days my body has been worn down i have been able to take a nap at lunch and still be able to go to sleep at 10pm.
I am not really looking forward to the hot humid weather but that just means i am getting closer to the end of being a full-time missionary.
The trio thing is still really interesting!!!! There isn't ever a dull moment!!!!!!
Teaching is a bit more difficult, serves projects get done tons fast and every once in a while when you ride in the back on the long rides you get to take a nap!!!
I was asked by Brother Green (First or Second Councilor) to give a short little talk yesterday in church and i did i really had no idea what specifically to talk about so i decided to follow what i felt i should at the moment i stood. Obedience was what i was prompted to kinda talk about it was very interesting to just say what i felt guided to say. Hopefully it helped someone.
Well I have nothing else i can think of so love ya'll  have an amazing week!!

Elder Stephen Larson   

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Two weeks worth... We both have been slacking

Well I really dont have anything to say there is not a whole lot going on in the area and not a ton of work being down. The biggest thing i can think of is that transfers are this week and if we are in the area we have a pinewood derby Friday. Part of me wants to stay in Shen and part of me doesn't. The area could be shut down though we are only getting one Elder and 10 that we have been able to name are going home! so 10 or more are headed home. President Weston may have to shut down some areas to balance everything out. Its in the lords hand and his mouth piece President Weston!!
So we have a new gator she is a friend of a member of the Deer-Creek Ward. We helped her move and we have been trying to figure out how to get a lesson with her and we did it. So we sent her a text this week and she asked for a bible and i said yes thinking we had one at our place lo and behold we didn't so we went over there and i decided to loan her my quad!!!! So right now she has the BoM and the Bible. So ya hopefully she reads them. We are just waiting to get a bible from the mission office we should get it Wednesday at district meeting!!
So i guess we also have some service coming up don't know when but when its gets warmer we well be cutting wood and splitting it. I have found a love for cutting wood it gives you a chance to vent any frustration or anger you may have! and its a great work out!!!!!!!
Well not a whole lot besides that going on. O the bodies!!!!!! We have gotten rid of those yet but its still the plan!!!!
Well it looks like its time to make like a tree and get the heck out of here!!!

Elder Stephen J Larson
(*sigh good thing i added that or i could have gotten in a bit of trouble)
(* ha ha ha ha they wont guess who is loved more cause i put in order where i served!!!!!)
Ps love you all

Elder Stephen J Larson

Yep I have achieved greatness i am now an S.J.C 
I am am a super junior companion!!! 
So when a member wants some help with home teaching or something i get to go with
Elder pierce is our new comp he was a zoneleader last few transfers. He was my zoneleader when i was up in deer-creek. He is very smart missioanry good at teaching and very straight laced and thats what we need! i am hopeing he is going to be sticking around for a bit. 
Something wierd about this transfer is that it is only 5 weeks long and then next treansfer is 7 weeks long. things we do for new mission presidents!!!!
So to be fully honest not a whole heck of alot has really happened in this area. we didnt get bed bugs from that nasty house. but we did get a new family to teach. kinda so last night we had a member that wanted us to help with home teaching and i went withe him and the other two went and taught this lady. so i guess while they were thus teaching she told one of the elders that she had a crush on him........ this woman is married and has three kids!!! "Rut Row Raggy" (Scooby doo voice) When i heard i laughed. it was very wierd but i guess they were able to turn that around and produce a lesson out of it!!
Well that was going on i was busy home teaching. there are alot of intresting people here to say the least!!! all of them are so amazing in their own little ways. I have fallen in love with the people of this ward( but not as much as eagle run and ralston and deer-creek*)
so the people here are just so awesome they are really friendly if you say hi to any one more then likely they will say hi back!!! none of the other areas have really done that. hopefully the area with be turning around!
Well keep in your prayers this short transfer is going to be a wild ride.
Elder Stephen J Larson
(*sigh good thing i added that or i could have gotten in a bit of trouble)
(* ha ha ha ha they wont guess who is loved more cause i put in order where i served!!!!!)
Ps love you all

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