Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well this may or may not be my last email!!!
Its so crazy how fast two years really is you never tink or feel that it will go very fast but it does it just flies by!! I have never felt how strong so ready for the next chapters in my book to begin!
So i guess this week was alright we found ourselves kinda backed in to a corner with the work. So we decided to turn and climb the wall. Saturday was the adult session of stake conference starting at 3pm what ever time zone im in!! so we decided that we were going to do service with one of the most amazing loving open families!!!! The Robinson Family so the intention was to go with them and go cut down firewood for them for the winter. We left their place at around 9:15ish and arrived at this other guy named Tim i believe!! So was a little to busy to show us where we could get the wood from he was having his cattle checked if they were prego. Tim was a little short handed to do all the jobs that he need to do to check all the cows. So me being the red neck that i am i jumped at the chance to help where ever he needed!!!!! I became a member of the human wall!!!!!!!!
The human wall is where we separate parts of the herd and force them down in to a little area. 
It was so much fun we had to broken wall twice!!!! So the wall brakes when the cows charge the wall and we all move!!!! I was the head man for a few of the cuts so i walked in the cattle and separated them up! i also had a dog named Annie i believe was her name she was by my side and it was so much fun!!!!!
One of the broken walls i was the broken part the person next to me and i where to far apart and the cattle saw it and took it, often times we fixed the charge by waving are arms or moving in the way. this time i decided to throw my hands up to try and spoke them back but this cow was going to have any of that the cow and i meet the cow plowed right in to my hand head first and then body!!! ouch it hurt for about 20 minutes or so.
teaching right now is going kinda slow for us but the goal for this week is just blow up the numbers!!! We were able to have a great meeting last night we had a less active come to dinner with us with an active family and also another lady. Dinner was great after dinner we stared talking and we were talking churchy things and the lady that was there her name is sister bloom she invited our less active to join her and a few other single adults in our ward for FHE. he said he would like to go!!!!!
After he left we shared a message about Captain Moroni and Pahoren. We shared how we need need to be our best selves. Then sister Bloom starts sharing a story about her friend and how she wants to share the gospel with her! wow sister Bloom is on fire!!!!!!
Also this Friday night may be the very best of my mission!!!! we are going to Amherst a small town here in the Kearney area. We are having a death dinner for me the hall family has a tradition to take missionaries how are going home out to dinner not just any dinner PRIME RIB dinner!!!!!!!! so that the elder can say he has had really Nebraska beef!!!!!!  
This is going to be my best week in the mission!!!!!!
Well I love you all and hopefully i will some of you next week in omaha!!!!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson
Ps  Who know Grain bins gave birth????