Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 27, 2014

So a new area, a new comp and new rodes to ride!!!! So this means new areas, hills, dips, bumps, it seems the bike and i are not as one yet this past week Elder taylor and i were going to a service project and flying down a hill unknown to me was a part of the sidewalk that basicly is a straight drop off. i was flying down the hill and right as i saw it i thought to my self i am dead so me being the quick thinker i am i turned on to the grass and bypass the drop off but the tire of my bike got caught in between the grass and the sidewalk and was airborn!!!! a few scratches and bruses is all i have thank you helment.
In the new area there a more then a few people that are in the final stages of investagating..... the waters of baptism!!! It seems to me that i am a finisher of the work i go in to an area and basicly the people are ready for the water. its such a blessing to be in nebraska so many people so much work just need some more hearts softened.
also this week i was asked to give a talk in church.............................. Yes it went much better then my farewell talk I was not saying yall in two years. I was the last speaker once again and both of the people before me covered my topic or thier topic but that is ok i just confermid what they said and told a little about my life so it was good.
much love from the land of the Big Red................................... Missionary
Elder Larson

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Well Stephen is doing well. He was transferred to Papallion, Nebraska and his new companion is Elder Taylor. He loves him already. They have been riding bikes since they have been together and Stephen loves it. He is excited to see hills again. He said the major thing he has learned so far on his mission is that families are super important and each family member needs to be respectful and loving to one another. He said in split families that is even more important because there is more people to respect and love and if that is not happening then it isn't being done right. I really love the heart this boy has always had. I know I will for sure be taking what he said to heart and doing a better job of respecting and loving those around me.

Here are some photos he sent by mail:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 5, 2014

Stephen didn't have too much to say this week really. He is getting ready for transfers as well. He is also making plans and getting excited to call home for Mother's Day. Other than those 2 things that is all we really had time to talk about.