Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Well its been interesting being out in the sticks/city area. We are given the same amount of miles as what i was getting in Omaha!!!
Its a bit tough with miles but it kinda seems that has been one of the biggest struggles of my whole mission miles and riding killer bikes that are out to get you!!!
So this last Saturday we had an adventure It started at 8 am and ended at 3:30ish! We butchered chickens/one turkey!!! Yes its was really interesting thing to do now i know how but i don't know if i would ever want to do it again! It was with two families from the ward, the sisters and us!!!! It was crazy fun!
We also Have been teaching this girl named Alyssa she is set to be baptized on the 12th of September at 12oclock. She is a very smart girl. her step mom is a less active her dad inst a member her mom inst a member her grandfather is anti but he is a member!! but she has solid fellow shippers!!! young men and young women of the ward are the best!!!!!!
Well trying to find new people to teach and trying to be a district leader and trying to learn what i need to do is a tough act to do but so far i havent dropped to much stuff. Delegation is a great new friend of mine!!!!
I sure do miss Omaha! But i am trying to plug in here and do what i need to do finish out strong!!!


Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Well Yeah I have been really good at sending email over the last little while sorry folks!!!

I guess I really don't feel like I have much to write about and share!!!

As of lately the biggest thing that is happening to this area is that we are constantly looking for less-active names and finding a few at a time!!!
Two weeks ago we found this amazing lady named crystal stidham. since we have found her she has been to church both sundays!!!!
She is 90% vegan. 

other then her we have found people that are not interested. number one line we hear o yeah I was a Mormon. but now Im not!! interesting how that works, most of them are very nice about it some are real jerks, but we still love them and offer to help them in any way possiable.

Over the last couple transfers I have had an increasing pain in my back, mother doctor Gardner has been receiving a lot of back calls so I am taking pain meds stretching and using heat and cold!! it does better until we help like three people move in three days then im shot for the next two days!!

So Elder marx and I have been doing really well together you don't think being a senior comp should be that different but it really feels that it is very different sometimes!! we have also had another set of elders living with us for the last transfer and so we haven't had much time to really get to know each other or have to big of issues, the other set has had more problems we have had to take care of but I guess that comes with the housing arrangements. however the other set is gone this week at some point.

Well I should send this thing off so we can go can finish our night with a bang!!!!

Well love yall
hopefully I will email again next week!!!

Elder Stephen James Larson