Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well this may or may not be my last email!!!
Its so crazy how fast two years really is you never tink or feel that it will go very fast but it does it just flies by!! I have never felt how strong so ready for the next chapters in my book to begin!
So i guess this week was alright we found ourselves kinda backed in to a corner with the work. So we decided to turn and climb the wall. Saturday was the adult session of stake conference starting at 3pm what ever time zone im in!! so we decided that we were going to do service with one of the most amazing loving open families!!!! The Robinson Family so the intention was to go with them and go cut down firewood for them for the winter. We left their place at around 9:15ish and arrived at this other guy named Tim i believe!! So was a little to busy to show us where we could get the wood from he was having his cattle checked if they were prego. Tim was a little short handed to do all the jobs that he need to do to check all the cows. So me being the red neck that i am i jumped at the chance to help where ever he needed!!!!! I became a member of the human wall!!!!!!!!
The human wall is where we separate parts of the herd and force them down in to a little area. 
It was so much fun we had to broken wall twice!!!! So the wall brakes when the cows charge the wall and we all move!!!! I was the head man for a few of the cuts so i walked in the cattle and separated them up! i also had a dog named Annie i believe was her name she was by my side and it was so much fun!!!!!
One of the broken walls i was the broken part the person next to me and i where to far apart and the cattle saw it and took it, often times we fixed the charge by waving are arms or moving in the way. this time i decided to throw my hands up to try and spoke them back but this cow was going to have any of that the cow and i meet the cow plowed right in to my hand head first and then body!!! ouch it hurt for about 20 minutes or so.
teaching right now is going kinda slow for us but the goal for this week is just blow up the numbers!!! We were able to have a great meeting last night we had a less active come to dinner with us with an active family and also another lady. Dinner was great after dinner we stared talking and we were talking churchy things and the lady that was there her name is sister bloom she invited our less active to join her and a few other single adults in our ward for FHE. he said he would like to go!!!!!
After he left we shared a message about Captain Moroni and Pahoren. We shared how we need need to be our best selves. Then sister Bloom starts sharing a story about her friend and how she wants to share the gospel with her! wow sister Bloom is on fire!!!!!!
Also this Friday night may be the very best of my mission!!!! we are going to Amherst a small town here in the Kearney area. We are having a death dinner for me the hall family has a tradition to take missionaries how are going home out to dinner not just any dinner PRIME RIB dinner!!!!!!!! so that the elder can say he has had really Nebraska beef!!!!!!  
This is going to be my best week in the mission!!!!!!
Well I love you all and hopefully i will some of you next week in omaha!!!!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson
Ps  Who know Grain bins gave birth????

Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Well its been a week that's for sure. Our less weren't where we would have liked but we did have a good week we found two new people none of which will be baptized within the next 2 weeks. But hey one is looking to being baptized in February!!! Very long story behind it but she may get dunked then!!! The other guy is very very very very smart maybe even to smart but he listens to us and allows us to come and share with the BoM.
Also this week we did a ton of service i also bought 12 4inch cookies and eat 11 of them yummy soft cookies some with frosting!!!!!! O Sweet Jenny Mac!!!!! (all Those Irish people out there)
So we have found that this ward has some out lining towns that has great potential its just the matter of the fact that we only get 750 miles. So we have thought of how to do it we go all the way out and as we come back in we visti the towns on the way back!!!! Super smart right!!! Elder Bugg what a guy!!!!
My back is doing much better i was even able to fully stretch it out this week pain has been a minimal. Thank goodness for good Doctors   

Elder Larson

Ps this picture was my idea but it was funny to do

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015

ell this past week we had more then a few trips to grand-island. we went there twice in one week. We received mail saying that our car had a recall on it. so we take it in and low and behold there is a second recall on it. also the do not have the parts to fix it so we had to go back to get it all fixed. yeah road trips!!! so Elder Bugg and i decided that we were going to try working in the outer area of our ward! Shelton, gibbon, and revena, so it didn't turn out to bad.
So our investigator that we have been teaching she has moved to Tennessee as of today assuming she gets the car that she is waiting for the state to help her with.
Alyssa went to the temple this weekend. we didnt get to go because i said that we would help with a charity event. It was a good time but sadly missed seeing Alyssa in the temple!!!!
Well i think its time to get out of here.
Love ya'll
Elder Stephen James Larson 

Ps i also got a call this week the phone call went like this.
Hello this is Elder Larson
Hi Elder Larson this is Sister Hansen from the mission office. how are you doing today?
Im doing good Sister Hansen how are you doing?
Im doing well. i just have a quick question for you?
Is your father Harvey Larson that served in Ireland????
*Note its bad enough that my dad know everyone in Utah but now Nebraska!!!
Yes that is my dad!!

Do you know Moira one of your dads converts?
Yes aunt Moira!!
Well Moria lives across the street from my daughter in Lehi!!! i thought it would be such a great idea if we could take a picture together and send it to them.
And i agreed fully. Sadly I am on the other side of the mission but Moria thanks for keeping tabs on me and dad thanks for going on a mission and leading us by example. We will be getting that picture in about three weeks!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 12, 2015

Well what week we had!! Emergency transfers for us Elder Brownie went to Beatrice and Elder bug joined me here in Kearney. President Gardner also has committed me to one more baptism before i head home!!! Which means got to keep pushing and pulling. So with having a new comp means new potentials and new doors.
So things here are becoming crispy....... yes crispy!! leafs are just falling like crazy and the leaves are still kinda greenish.
O one crazy thing i haven't shared yet is that there is a sister Wolfe returning from her mission on November the 13th two days after me crazy!!!!

So this weekend we are going to the temple with our recent convert!!! looking forward to that!! except the long car ride.
Our investigator that we had set for baptism is moving to Tennessee maybe so as of last week she was gone for sure as of today if she finds a place by friday she will stay if she doesnt.. gone!!!
Also the past week Elder Brownie and i and one of our members stacked 500 bales of hay it was a blast!!!! the members little son who is 4 or 5 was helping as well it was so cute!!!
Well i cant think of much else love yalls!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson 

Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Another 6 has flown by wow!
Things here in Kearney are going to be changing!!! 
Cause of many factors on is that i really need to kick this thing in to high gear our pool is down to zero. the one that was in the pool we will be cutting back visiting her. she has no really been progressing so we are going to let here cook for a bit and then visit her in a week or two!!
So the funnest part of missionary work finding! i think we are going to try the famous sidewalk chalk idea. Plan of salvation in chalk here we come!!! 
This week will being taking its fair share on my shoes!! 
Im going to be ready when the things come up!!
Store the words in your minds and in the very hour you need they will be given you!!!

Elder Larson

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015

Well nothing really to say but working!!
Or recent convert is doing awesome the sisters are now teaching her mother and we are now teaching her brother! SO thats awesome blossom also the sisters brought a young lady with them to the baptism and they set her for baptism after. She said yes!!!
Right now our teaching pool is one deep and she is begging once again to move forward she came to church this week! she kicked her sister out of the house that smoked and hopefully here shortly she will be stopping smoking shortly she has stopped before!!
Prayers for Tonya would be awesome!
Umm things in kearney are awesome we did some traveling this week it was great. we went to a town named revenna (Spelling may be wrong) and we were able to contact 3 people from the ward out there and one said they would come to church this week but that was a no go sadly but we set plans to go out there again this week and hopefully the town is a ripe and ready to harvest as i fell it is!!
So Hopefully all will go well!!!
Elder Brownie and i went to a potluck this last sunday with the ward elder brownie made brownies!!! LOL 
Umm i cant think of much more but keep the faith. As Abraham Lincoln said "what ever you are be the best what ever you are"
Elder Stephen J Larson

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015

So my diet is over i have declared it a fail!!! 
Sweets and soda are the only things that keep
me going some days the strain
that is on my brain 
its made even worse when it rains!!!
mainly out in the plains!!!!
ok i have no idear what i am saying but man is being a district leader stressful thinking ahead and preparing trainings that will hopefully help the people in the district. 
But i am doing it and i will keep doing it until the very end.......... i think that was the plan to push the pedal to the metal for the last leg!!!
Things in Kearney are starting to get rolling. We do have a baptism coming up this weekend!!!! Which we be awesome!!! its for a 14yr old girl named Alyssa, she is the first of her family. during this whole time teaching her the family has supported her and no the mom is really start feel the spirit but she doesn't want us to push her, good thing for her we are just teachers not pushers that's the holy-ghosts job!!!!!
We also had an investigator set her self for baptism last night she set her self for October 17th She has been to church once she has a great fellow shipper. she does have some WOW issues to resolve but she wants to stop smoking but her family that lives with her smokes!!! tough.... But she has the desires!!!!  
So the craziest thing about being Kearney is that we have the same amount of miles as i did in Omaha.... crazy little fun fact and the area out here is a lot bigger then in Omaha!!!!
So update on my back its not doing better but i am making sure that i am being careful when we do service and when i have to do anything using my back!!! I am doing stretches that i have just figured out that help my back feel less tight. I am talking to people in the ward to try and find a doctor here in town and for the most part people don't really go to the doctors out here in Kearney the just rub some dirt on it and call it good. The magic dirt doesn't work for me at all!!!

Elder Brownie and i are doing well we arent the best team teachers but we are trying to improve or teaching skills together!
I have figured why in a letter from President Gardner he tells us to say we have been out for a little over a year members kinda go a bit crazy when you say 21 or 22 months and the members kinda shut down and think that you are getting trunky. i have been trunky and right now throttles are full force!!!!!!!
As we used to say in wrestling Short Time! Short time was said both ways if your losing and holding out from being pin or if you are winning going for the pin to apply that last bit of energy you have to finish the way you want to finish. Not being pinned Or pinning them!!!!
Finishing strong!!!!! Short Time!!!!!! Return With Honor!!!!!
Dont let anyone tell you what you can or cant do!!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson   

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Well its been interesting being out in the sticks/city area. We are given the same amount of miles as what i was getting in Omaha!!!
Its a bit tough with miles but it kinda seems that has been one of the biggest struggles of my whole mission miles and riding killer bikes that are out to get you!!!
So this last Saturday we had an adventure It started at 8 am and ended at 3:30ish! We butchered chickens/one turkey!!! Yes its was really interesting thing to do now i know how but i don't know if i would ever want to do it again! It was with two families from the ward, the sisters and us!!!! It was crazy fun!
We also Have been teaching this girl named Alyssa she is set to be baptized on the 12th of September at 12oclock. She is a very smart girl. her step mom is a less active her dad inst a member her mom inst a member her grandfather is anti but he is a member!! but she has solid fellow shippers!!! young men and young women of the ward are the best!!!!!!
Well trying to find new people to teach and trying to be a district leader and trying to learn what i need to do is a tough act to do but so far i havent dropped to much stuff. Delegation is a great new friend of mine!!!!
I sure do miss Omaha! But i am trying to plug in here and do what i need to do finish out strong!!!


Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Well Yeah I have been really good at sending email over the last little while sorry folks!!!

I guess I really don't feel like I have much to write about and share!!!

As of lately the biggest thing that is happening to this area is that we are constantly looking for less-active names and finding a few at a time!!!
Two weeks ago we found this amazing lady named crystal stidham. since we have found her she has been to church both sundays!!!!
She is 90% vegan. 

other then her we have found people that are not interested. number one line we hear o yeah I was a Mormon. but now Im not!! interesting how that works, most of them are very nice about it some are real jerks, but we still love them and offer to help them in any way possiable.

Over the last couple transfers I have had an increasing pain in my back, mother doctor Gardner has been receiving a lot of back calls so I am taking pain meds stretching and using heat and cold!! it does better until we help like three people move in three days then im shot for the next two days!!

So Elder marx and I have been doing really well together you don't think being a senior comp should be that different but it really feels that it is very different sometimes!! we have also had another set of elders living with us for the last transfer and so we haven't had much time to really get to know each other or have to big of issues, the other set has had more problems we have had to take care of but I guess that comes with the housing arrangements. however the other set is gone this week at some point.

Well I should send this thing off so we can go can finish our night with a bang!!!!

Well love yall
hopefully I will email again next week!!!

Elder Stephen James Larson

Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 15, 2015

So this week was amazing tons of things happening. We had a baptism on saturday and man was it good! Only 15 people showed but the spirit was still there. So we showed up early to fill the font and about an hour of filling the hot water stopped so we turned off all the water and let it sit for about 15 minutes i was praying really hard cause i was the one filling it up. i turned it back on and the water was hot as hot could be!
I also have discovered my reason being in this area i have being struggling like mad to find a reason to be in the rockbrook ward. the members at first werent very kind to us cause we didnt do what the other elders in the past had done! But we have working hard! doing service for everyone we can! we have helped 15 people move 11 of those out off the ward!! on in to our ward and another that had nothing to do with our ward! also 3 the ward had no idea about!
So we are trying to the best we could!!
Last night Elder Olson and i went to go talk to a family that we have talking with for a while but nothing has really happened until last night. the husband is a member but doesnt really count himself as such. last night he was drunk and slurring his words i was talking with his wife when he approched me and started talking about how is wife had made him really mad and she was 10 feet from us. So they started talking about the issues with me right there! it was amazing to me to see the problems and hear the problems i really acted as a middle line judge.
This family i am going to love them with my whole heart cause i can see them as more then they are now!!
Well overtime again oops!!
Love yall
Elder Stephen J Larson

Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 18, 2015

"And they did suffer much, both in the body and in the mind, such as hunger and thirst and fatigue and also much labor in the spirit"
Alma 17:5
"And it came to pas that that journeyed many days in the wilderness, and the fasted much and prayed much that the lord would grant unto them a portion of his spirit to go with them, and abide with them, that they might be an instrument in the hands of god to bring if it were possible their brethren to the knowledge of the truth!!"
Alma 17:9
"Go forth among ,thy brethren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them"
Alma 17:11  
So i am struggling once again and it seems to me there isn't an end. So i have decided i am going to be like the Sons of Mosiah and serve then preach and if i need to cut off some arms on the way i will.............. No im just kidding no arm cutting off. But i am trying so hard to turn over a new leaf and grow so much more then i already have and it just seems like i am not able to turn over that leaf. I have turned many over but there are just so many more to turn over. As i am writing this i have had a thought why just focus on one leaf there are still more then a few that i need to turn over and help grow!!
I am still recovering from the sickness which Elder Olson so lovingly shared with me. He is still very sick but claims to not be and boy howdy did i make him made yesterday!!! I did what i thought would be right and i was wrong i let sister Weston know he was still sick after 2 weeks. Then she started to text him he informed her that he had been throwing up and having the runs for about four days!!! 
He spoke barely 20 words to me yesterday O what joy that was!!!
We stayed home from church and stayed in opposite parts of the apartment I tried talking to him but he gave me one word answers so I went to my corner and stayed there all day listening to talks and playing with yarn!!!
I think im going to let him bring it up in his own time.
Its rough week a lot of sleeping and a lot of meds!!! yuck :P
Well i am going to wrap this up by saying that i love you guys and you and your family's are in my prayers!!!
Love the big red headed missionary
Elder Stephen J Larson

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 4, 2015

Well matters of life I have no idea why i gave it that title!!!
So what a week it was and by the looks of it this week will be be a shower!! idk
Rain most of the week!!
Well so Saturday this week Elder Olson and my self went on a bit of an adventure we went to the California st. building and got to see a little girl get baptized whom i had worked with up in the deer creek ward. It was amazing i had the chance to be part of the baptism i conducted the music well Elder Olson played the piano!!
We got to take one of our investigators from Rockbrook this kid is very smart i feel he is to smart!! he is over thinking a lot of things and by kid i mean a 10 year old boy. We  are teaching a guy who has been taught for about 5 to 6 years already and hasn't joined the church....... yet and also a guy who is married to a member and they just had a baby yesterday!! A little girl named pipper!!!
But all these people are slowly plugging along which is good.
So i have decided that i am going to be finishing my mission in this ward!! Its something that kinda came to me the other day!! 
I am really in a toss up about it!!
If its the lords will its his will who am i to kick against the pricks?
I really dont want to finish my 24 month mission serving 22 months in omaha.
So we just had interviews about two or so weeks ago and i brought up this concern and this fact to President Weston and man did i feel like a fool.
Elder Larson- President so i have been in Omaha a long time!
President Weston- Elder What mission were you called to?
Elder Larson- the Nebraska Omaha mission! At this moment i started feeling really sheepish!!!
President Weston-your right elder were you expecting to go any where else?
Elder Larson- Deer in the head lights look!!
President Weston- Weren't you just in Shenandoah?
Elder Larson- Yes president but i was there for only two months.
President Weston- see you were outside Omaha!!!
Elder Larson- Its was for two months.
President Weston- Elder i put the elders that are 100% obedient out in the farther areas elder there are lots of good and bad things about going to the sticks!! If you go out there you cant go to the temple and its only you and your companion so p-day days are harder.
That conversion stop at that point and President Weston asked if he could close us with a pray.
After the prayer he looks me right in the eyes and ask if i remember the first time we talk i said yes and  tells me how much he has seen me grow and how proud he is of me he is.
Right at that moment i had a few tears shed i realized that President Weston is leaving and we are getting a new President!
President Weston is my hero!!
I just want you all to know that i have a ton of respect and love for this man he has been very tough and very fair he has taught me so much!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 27, 2015

So they quotes are amazing.
I guess i have devolved an attitude on my mission that has really increased in this area. Right now trying everyday to try and rebuild the relationship with the ward as we are being told we are not doing what we need to be good missionaries.
It wasnt until yesterday at lunch with a few members after stake conference that we found out that there are members that love us and feel that we are doing good work. Sad to say but right now we are fighting a clic of our ward that has had elders over at there houses with no males there and the elders would stay there for 2 or 3 hours. the families have told us we are social weird and we make them very strange.
So i guess i am feeling a bit beaten back in to a corner with elder Olson in the corner as well and most of you have seen him and he isnt the biggest or most frightening person. I guess what i am trying to say he is very soft and very easily offended.
I think one thing i am learning here is that i can be a leader and if i want to be a leader i need to choose i battles carefully and when to retreat.
As a country song says know when to hold em know when to fold em!!
Well love you all!!
Live to fight another day!! Continue to pray and look forward with a steadfast faith in Christ!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 23, 2015

So this week has amazing!!! Numbers wise this area hasn't seen numbers this good from elders in a while!! We are at least once a week going out with the bishop for team ups and by we i mean one of us so the two can go out and work as well!! double dipping numbers.
Shenandoah is still here the town still doesnt have much going on but things should pick up in the summer is my guess or its going to just die out. there are at least three companies that we have found that are only summer time. One is a driving range, batting cage and mini golf course!!! Its a tiny place. The other companies are an ice cream place and the other is a burger and fries place. the burger place is right next door to where we live so if i am still here when it opens i will have to go and try it.
Its crazy how warn out you can get as a missionary spiritually, mentally and physically. The last few days my body has been worn down i have been able to take a nap at lunch and still be able to go to sleep at 10pm.
I am not really looking forward to the hot humid weather but that just means i am getting closer to the end of being a full-time missionary.
The trio thing is still really interesting!!!! There isn't ever a dull moment!!!!!!
Teaching is a bit more difficult, serves projects get done tons fast and every once in a while when you ride in the back on the long rides you get to take a nap!!!
I was asked by Brother Green (First or Second Councilor) to give a short little talk yesterday in church and i did i really had no idea what specifically to talk about so i decided to follow what i felt i should at the moment i stood. Obedience was what i was prompted to kinda talk about it was very interesting to just say what i felt guided to say. Hopefully it helped someone.
Well I have nothing else i can think of so love ya'll  have an amazing week!!

Elder Stephen Larson   

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Two weeks worth... We both have been slacking

Well I really dont have anything to say there is not a whole lot going on in the area and not a ton of work being down. The biggest thing i can think of is that transfers are this week and if we are in the area we have a pinewood derby Friday. Part of me wants to stay in Shen and part of me doesn't. The area could be shut down though we are only getting one Elder and 10 that we have been able to name are going home! so 10 or more are headed home. President Weston may have to shut down some areas to balance everything out. Its in the lords hand and his mouth piece President Weston!!
So we have a new gator she is a friend of a member of the Deer-Creek Ward. We helped her move and we have been trying to figure out how to get a lesson with her and we did it. So we sent her a text this week and she asked for a bible and i said yes thinking we had one at our place lo and behold we didn't so we went over there and i decided to loan her my quad!!!! So right now she has the BoM and the Bible. So ya hopefully she reads them. We are just waiting to get a bible from the mission office we should get it Wednesday at district meeting!!
So i guess we also have some service coming up don't know when but when its gets warmer we well be cutting wood and splitting it. I have found a love for cutting wood it gives you a chance to vent any frustration or anger you may have! and its a great work out!!!!!!!
Well not a whole lot besides that going on. O the bodies!!!!!! We have gotten rid of those yet but its still the plan!!!!
Well it looks like its time to make like a tree and get the heck out of here!!!

Elder Stephen J Larson
(*sigh good thing i added that or i could have gotten in a bit of trouble)
(* ha ha ha ha they wont guess who is loved more cause i put in order where i served!!!!!)
Ps love you all

Elder Stephen J Larson

Yep I have achieved greatness i am now an S.J.C 
I am am a super junior companion!!! 
So when a member wants some help with home teaching or something i get to go with
Elder pierce is our new comp he was a zoneleader last few transfers. He was my zoneleader when i was up in deer-creek. He is very smart missioanry good at teaching and very straight laced and thats what we need! i am hopeing he is going to be sticking around for a bit. 
Something wierd about this transfer is that it is only 5 weeks long and then next treansfer is 7 weeks long. things we do for new mission presidents!!!!
So to be fully honest not a whole heck of alot has really happened in this area. we didnt get bed bugs from that nasty house. but we did get a new family to teach. kinda so last night we had a member that wanted us to help with home teaching and i went withe him and the other two went and taught this lady. so i guess while they were thus teaching she told one of the elders that she had a crush on him........ this woman is married and has three kids!!! "Rut Row Raggy" (Scooby doo voice) When i heard i laughed. it was very wierd but i guess they were able to turn that around and produce a lesson out of it!!
Well that was going on i was busy home teaching. there are alot of intresting people here to say the least!!! all of them are so amazing in their own little ways. I have fallen in love with the people of this ward( but not as much as eagle run and ralston and deer-creek*)
so the people here are just so awesome they are really friendly if you say hi to any one more then likely they will say hi back!!! none of the other areas have really done that. hopefully the area with be turning around!
Well keep in your prayers this short transfer is going to be a wild ride.
Elder Stephen J Larson
(*sigh good thing i added that or i could have gotten in a bit of trouble)
(* ha ha ha ha they wont guess who is loved more cause i put in order where i served!!!!!)
Ps love you all

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015

I want to start with a quote when the going gets tough the tough get going!!
So i just have some info to share but not to much.
So i had a very intersting sunday night Elder hansen had to go to an youth activite so i had the chance to work with two ward member, one less actives and the other active, so we were talking about missionary work and people serving mission and we stared talking about how brother coles, or active member, he was talking about his cousin who entered the mtc october 9th, and how his cousin was head to the phillipines and i was like hey my brother entered then and is there also and i ask what his cousins name was and it was coles.........
Hey Elder Larson the younger do you know an Elder Coles???
Maybe your mtc comp???
SO Yea I am in the ward of Elder Larson the youngers mtc comps family!!!!!!
Crazy small world???
So I spent a bit of time at the coles house that night because i had a killer headache. we had taco soup with chicken in it. At the end of dinner brother and sister coles told the kids to go get ready for bed and they listened about 30 seconds later thier oldest daughter Deseret (age7) came out and walk over to me and asked if i could unbutton and unzip her dress for her.....
My reaction complete shell shock and confused and no idea what i was doin and had some how in the cunfused daze i was in to say no. her mom and dad quickly said no at the same time im sure we were all shocked. sister coles then said the man to ever undo your dress will be your dad and your husband. brother coles then says if any other guy does it he will be in big trouble!!!!
Holy bomb shell for me this past week.
Well hansen is antsy and it past time but I LOVE Y'ALL have an awesome week!!!!
ELDER Stephen J Larson