Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015

ell this past week we had more then a few trips to grand-island. we went there twice in one week. We received mail saying that our car had a recall on it. so we take it in and low and behold there is a second recall on it. also the do not have the parts to fix it so we had to go back to get it all fixed. yeah road trips!!! so Elder Bugg and i decided that we were going to try working in the outer area of our ward! Shelton, gibbon, and revena, so it didn't turn out to bad.
So our investigator that we have been teaching she has moved to Tennessee as of today assuming she gets the car that she is waiting for the state to help her with.
Alyssa went to the temple this weekend. we didnt get to go because i said that we would help with a charity event. It was a good time but sadly missed seeing Alyssa in the temple!!!!
Well i think its time to get out of here.
Love ya'll
Elder Stephen James Larson 

Ps i also got a call this week the phone call went like this.
Hello this is Elder Larson
Hi Elder Larson this is Sister Hansen from the mission office. how are you doing today?
Im doing good Sister Hansen how are you doing?
Im doing well. i just have a quick question for you?
Is your father Harvey Larson that served in Ireland????
*Note its bad enough that my dad know everyone in Utah but now Nebraska!!!
Yes that is my dad!!

Do you know Moira one of your dads converts?
Yes aunt Moira!!
Well Moria lives across the street from my daughter in Lehi!!! i thought it would be such a great idea if we could take a picture together and send it to them.
And i agreed fully. Sadly I am on the other side of the mission but Moria thanks for keeping tabs on me and dad thanks for going on a mission and leading us by example. We will be getting that picture in about three weeks!

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