Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 12, 2015

Well what week we had!! Emergency transfers for us Elder Brownie went to Beatrice and Elder bug joined me here in Kearney. President Gardner also has committed me to one more baptism before i head home!!! Which means got to keep pushing and pulling. So with having a new comp means new potentials and new doors.
So things here are becoming crispy....... yes crispy!! leafs are just falling like crazy and the leaves are still kinda greenish.
O one crazy thing i haven't shared yet is that there is a sister Wolfe returning from her mission on November the 13th two days after me crazy!!!!

So this weekend we are going to the temple with our recent convert!!! looking forward to that!! except the long car ride.
Our investigator that we had set for baptism is moving to Tennessee maybe so as of last week she was gone for sure as of today if she finds a place by friday she will stay if she doesnt.. gone!!!
Also the past week Elder Brownie and i and one of our members stacked 500 bales of hay it was a blast!!!! the members little son who is 4 or 5 was helping as well it was so cute!!!
Well i cant think of much else love yalls!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson 

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