Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 28, 2014

Well all morning i was thinking of what i was going to send but now that i am here i have nothing to say and my mind has run a blank............. This week was a hard week once again we had the car but Elder summers was sick!! which means three days of not much going out!!
Well Other then dinner appointments we were in the house so lots of reading and pondering(Naps). So this week we have been in and thinking of how to improve are teaching together skills cause i am very silent in lessons. My thoughts are that i don't really know how to express what my thoughts are.
So I received this package this week and in this package was this awesome amazing tie it was gold with green clovers on it so i wore it to church!!! A few people commented/ asked if it was a bit late in the season to be wearing the tie??
I looked them straight in the eye and with the most firm and tough face i could manage I said its never to late to show the Irish Pride that is deep in my heart!!!! YEA Ireland!!!!!!!
So i have found myself with the discouragement of people really not progressing and not really caring about their spiritual welfare or anything we have to say. it is very disheartening when you find yourself an increasing amount of love and desire for them to be the very best they can be and they are "happy" and don't feel they should or need to do more. So prayers are what i am practicing a lot more to soften hearts and to help them with the desire to want to listen. 
Well Tons of love from Nebraska home of the Big Red........... Missionary.
Elder Stephen J Larson

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014

Yes i am sending a mass email!!!! I figured it out. Well i don't know if any of you follow the weather or check it very often for Omaha but on Saturday we were in the 80s yesterday we had crazy amounts rain and a high of 45ish this by dinner time at six it was 34. When left the families home it was snowing...................... Yes snow. in fact most of the grass and dirt is cover with it but not the sidewalks thankfully. according to the mission weather boy(Elder Ingalls) we are going to be in the 40s once again!!!! Yay
Well i guess in away it is a blessing to me.. Saturday for me was the one of the worst days in my life not only was it hot but muggy and sticky and just blah........... Any guess what the rest of the summer will have in store????
If you said hot and muggy and sticky and one not so happy Elder Larson you are right. I know that the other Elder Larson is in the same thing hot and muggy but he doesn't know or will never know the polar opposite -40 with wind chills.
Well time the really mission stuff everyone wants not just Elder Larson the weather man!!! lol I'm so funny even in Nebraska....
Alright so this week we started off with a bit of bump and hiccup. We had the car this week so it was no car. Monday night after saying nightly prayers and crawling in to bed laying down and sleeping for about an hour my body decided that dinner that night was not what it wanted in it....... i was up the rest of the night driving the school bus. about 2:30 in the morning i finely layed back down in my bed and noticed my comp Elder Summers move! i quickly said "Elder Summers you asleep" in response I hear "not anymore" i said "O could i get a blessing" he gladly gave me one. the very second he said amen I was playing tackle football with him to get back to the bathroom and hop right back to driving that bus. I ended up with about 3 to maybe 4 hours of sleep and Motazumas revenge the next day.
So Tuesday i was out which normally means so is your comp. but the Elders we share the car with on wasn't feeling well so we did a mini exchange approved by the assistants of course. but no the less i got to sleep a few more hours that day. After being in bed and in the house all Tuesday and most of Wednesday, Thursday was the day i was feeling better so we run with it. This week we taught 15 lessons, set 3 people for baptizum, had 1 investigator at church, 5 less-actives return. So all of this we did Thursday thru Saturday.
The people we have set are not set for any near dates the all have alot of work and i mean ALOT! So we are buckling up and getting ready for a long bumby ride. So i have a favor to ask of you folks(lol my nebraskin is coming along very well) I have a few names that i really would like for you to pray for.
1. Austin Green (Less-Active)
2. Natasha Gould (SET)
3. The Camenedies (Need Blessing) Going through health big issues.
4. Kristina (SET)
5. Liz and Evan Peavy (Need Blessing) Going through health problems.
6. The Billie Family (Trying Visit) They are a hard family to catch and having family problems.
Thank you all for the prayers for these people. Thank you for all the prayers/blessings  that come out here to the Nebraska missionaries. \
From the one and only red headed
Elder Larson 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014

So once again I am 2 weeks behind. What a surprise huh?
Stephen is doing good. He just had his third transfer, he is with the same companion. They did move from their 2200 square foot  house to a studio apartment so that will be a big change for the both of them. He really enjoyed conference a ton and hoped we all did too.
I got a surprise email from him on Thursday of last week (April 3) he was at the library teaching a computer class as a service project and sent me a quick hello, that was super exciting and so very nice to hear from him.
He told me how he ate some tomatoes ( he really hates tomatoes) and he didn't die just like I always told him. What a funny kid he is.
That is really all he had to say in 3 different days of talking to him but he is doing well, seems happy. Missing home still a bit but that will subside one day I am sure.
Until next time....