Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 27, 2015

So they quotes are amazing.
I guess i have devolved an attitude on my mission that has really increased in this area. Right now trying everyday to try and rebuild the relationship with the ward as we are being told we are not doing what we need to be good missionaries.
It wasnt until yesterday at lunch with a few members after stake conference that we found out that there are members that love us and feel that we are doing good work. Sad to say but right now we are fighting a clic of our ward that has had elders over at there houses with no males there and the elders would stay there for 2 or 3 hours. the families have told us we are social weird and we make them very strange.
So i guess i am feeling a bit beaten back in to a corner with elder Olson in the corner as well and most of you have seen him and he isnt the biggest or most frightening person. I guess what i am trying to say he is very soft and very easily offended.
I think one thing i am learning here is that i can be a leader and if i want to be a leader i need to choose i battles carefully and when to retreat.
As a country song says know when to hold em know when to fold em!!
Well love you all!!
Live to fight another day!! Continue to pray and look forward with a steadfast faith in Christ!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson 

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