Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Another 6 has flown by wow!
Things here in Kearney are going to be changing!!! 
Cause of many factors on is that i really need to kick this thing in to high gear our pool is down to zero. the one that was in the pool we will be cutting back visiting her. she has no really been progressing so we are going to let here cook for a bit and then visit her in a week or two!!
So the funnest part of missionary work finding! i think we are going to try the famous sidewalk chalk idea. Plan of salvation in chalk here we come!!! 
This week will being taking its fair share on my shoes!! 
Im going to be ready when the things come up!!
Store the words in your minds and in the very hour you need they will be given you!!!

Elder Larson

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