Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015

Well nothing really to say but working!!
Or recent convert is doing awesome the sisters are now teaching her mother and we are now teaching her brother! SO thats awesome blossom also the sisters brought a young lady with them to the baptism and they set her for baptism after. She said yes!!!
Right now our teaching pool is one deep and she is begging once again to move forward she came to church this week! she kicked her sister out of the house that smoked and hopefully here shortly she will be stopping smoking shortly she has stopped before!!
Prayers for Tonya would be awesome!
Umm things in kearney are awesome we did some traveling this week it was great. we went to a town named revenna (Spelling may be wrong) and we were able to contact 3 people from the ward out there and one said they would come to church this week but that was a no go sadly but we set plans to go out there again this week and hopefully the town is a ripe and ready to harvest as i fell it is!!
So Hopefully all will go well!!!
Elder Brownie and i went to a potluck this last sunday with the ward elder brownie made brownies!!! LOL 
Umm i cant think of much more but keep the faith. As Abraham Lincoln said "what ever you are be the best what ever you are"
Elder Stephen J Larson

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