Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 4, 2015

Well matters of life I have no idea why i gave it that title!!!
So what a week it was and by the looks of it this week will be be a shower!! idk
Rain most of the week!!
Well so Saturday this week Elder Olson and my self went on a bit of an adventure we went to the California st. building and got to see a little girl get baptized whom i had worked with up in the deer creek ward. It was amazing i had the chance to be part of the baptism i conducted the music well Elder Olson played the piano!!
We got to take one of our investigators from Rockbrook this kid is very smart i feel he is to smart!! he is over thinking a lot of things and by kid i mean a 10 year old boy. We  are teaching a guy who has been taught for about 5 to 6 years already and hasn't joined the church....... yet and also a guy who is married to a member and they just had a baby yesterday!! A little girl named pipper!!!
But all these people are slowly plugging along which is good.
So i have decided that i am going to be finishing my mission in this ward!! Its something that kinda came to me the other day!! 
I am really in a toss up about it!!
If its the lords will its his will who am i to kick against the pricks?
I really dont want to finish my 24 month mission serving 22 months in omaha.
So we just had interviews about two or so weeks ago and i brought up this concern and this fact to President Weston and man did i feel like a fool.
Elder Larson- President so i have been in Omaha a long time!
President Weston- Elder What mission were you called to?
Elder Larson- the Nebraska Omaha mission! At this moment i started feeling really sheepish!!!
President Weston-your right elder were you expecting to go any where else?
Elder Larson- Deer in the head lights look!!
President Weston- Weren't you just in Shenandoah?
Elder Larson- Yes president but i was there for only two months.
President Weston- see you were outside Omaha!!!
Elder Larson- Its was for two months.
President Weston- Elder i put the elders that are 100% obedient out in the farther areas elder there are lots of good and bad things about going to the sticks!! If you go out there you cant go to the temple and its only you and your companion so p-day days are harder.
That conversion stop at that point and President Weston asked if he could close us with a pray.
After the prayer he looks me right in the eyes and ask if i remember the first time we talk i said yes and  tells me how much he has seen me grow and how proud he is of me he is.
Right at that moment i had a few tears shed i realized that President Weston is leaving and we are getting a new President!
President Weston is my hero!!
I just want you all to know that i have a ton of respect and love for this man he has been very tough and very fair he has taught me so much!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson

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