Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 15, 2015

So this week was amazing tons of things happening. We had a baptism on saturday and man was it good! Only 15 people showed but the spirit was still there. So we showed up early to fill the font and about an hour of filling the hot water stopped so we turned off all the water and let it sit for about 15 minutes i was praying really hard cause i was the one filling it up. i turned it back on and the water was hot as hot could be!
I also have discovered my reason being in this area i have being struggling like mad to find a reason to be in the rockbrook ward. the members at first werent very kind to us cause we didnt do what the other elders in the past had done! But we have working hard! doing service for everyone we can! we have helped 15 people move 11 of those out off the ward!! on in to our ward and another that had nothing to do with our ward! also 3 the ward had no idea about!
So we are trying to the best we could!!
Last night Elder Olson and i went to go talk to a family that we have talking with for a while but nothing has really happened until last night. the husband is a member but doesnt really count himself as such. last night he was drunk and slurring his words i was talking with his wife when he approched me and started talking about how is wife had made him really mad and she was 10 feet from us. So they started talking about the issues with me right there! it was amazing to me to see the problems and hear the problems i really acted as a middle line judge.
This family i am going to love them with my whole heart cause i can see them as more then they are now!!
Well overtime again oops!!
Love yall
Elder Stephen J Larson

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