Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015

I want to start with a quote when the going gets tough the tough get going!!
So i just have some info to share but not to much.
So i had a very intersting sunday night Elder hansen had to go to an youth activite so i had the chance to work with two ward member, one less actives and the other active, so we were talking about missionary work and people serving mission and we stared talking about how brother coles, or active member, he was talking about his cousin who entered the mtc october 9th, and how his cousin was head to the phillipines and i was like hey my brother entered then and is there also and i ask what his cousins name was and it was coles.........
Hey Elder Larson the younger do you know an Elder Coles???
Maybe your mtc comp???
SO Yea I am in the ward of Elder Larson the youngers mtc comps family!!!!!!
Crazy small world???
So I spent a bit of time at the coles house that night because i had a killer headache. we had taco soup with chicken in it. At the end of dinner brother and sister coles told the kids to go get ready for bed and they listened about 30 seconds later thier oldest daughter Deseret (age7) came out and walk over to me and asked if i could unbutton and unzip her dress for her.....
My reaction complete shell shock and confused and no idea what i was doin and had some how in the cunfused daze i was in to say no. her mom and dad quickly said no at the same time im sure we were all shocked. sister coles then said the man to ever undo your dress will be your dad and your husband. brother coles then says if any other guy does it he will be in big trouble!!!!
Holy bomb shell for me this past week.
Well hansen is antsy and it past time but I LOVE Y'ALL have an awesome week!!!!
ELDER Stephen J Larson

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