Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 29, 2014

Wow what a slightly disappointimg week! this week we had in the teens amount of lessons but everyone we normally teach and see where gone or busy! Sad Panda
But we were able to start to make contact with family and set up a weekly visit with them every saturday night we will go over there and a have game night and of course we will share a message of some kind. but the family has three kids that are not members and one shows intrest in learning and the other two not as much. But best way to spark intrest is to go over and just talk about the gossple in normal conversation.
On christmas day we ran at out of time to visit all the famillies we had planned on seeing it was really cool to see how many people wanted us to come visit them. O yea and on christmas eve day we got 4 new investogators. 
Well this letter isnt going to be like the others Its going to be shorter and less info cause i am learning names and faces and places. I think the saddest part of this area is that i havent found and chinese buffets or chinese food.
I want everyone of you to know that I know this church is true
                                                          I know that the books are blue!
                                                          I know that Joseph Smith was a proghet of god
                                                          I believe that the god has saved me for this time 
             He has also sent me to this place to reach people that have been prepared just for me 
     I am God's choosen servent and as long as i remain worthy mighty miricales shall come forth
                                                           AND BY THIER FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM              As the lord has prepared me he has also prepared others to recieve me............ and my comp
Well i am out of words and time but i love you all and wish you all a Very happy and fruitful new year!!!
Elder Stephen Larson

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