Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 27, 2014

So a new area, a new comp and new rodes to ride!!!! So this means new areas, hills, dips, bumps, it seems the bike and i are not as one yet this past week Elder taylor and i were going to a service project and flying down a hill unknown to me was a part of the sidewalk that basicly is a straight drop off. i was flying down the hill and right as i saw it i thought to my self i am dead so me being the quick thinker i am i turned on to the grass and bypass the drop off but the tire of my bike got caught in between the grass and the sidewalk and was airborn!!!! a few scratches and bruses is all i have thank you helment.
In the new area there a more then a few people that are in the final stages of investagating..... the waters of baptism!!! It seems to me that i am a finisher of the work i go in to an area and basicly the people are ready for the water. its such a blessing to be in nebraska so many people so much work just need some more hearts softened.
also this week i was asked to give a talk in church.............................. Yes it went much better then my farewell talk I was not saying yall in two years. I was the last speaker once again and both of the people before me covered my topic or thier topic but that is ok i just confermid what they said and told a little about my life so it was good.
much love from the land of the Big Red................................... Missionary
Elder Larson

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