Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27, 2013

We got to talk to Stephen this morning before he left the airport in Minnesota to go to Nebraska. He is doing well, he did have to visit the doctor in the MTC because of a sinus infection and a knee injury playing basketball (nothing to worry about it was just sore). He seemed very tired and nervous of the plane rides (his first time ever on a plane) but happy.

I also FINALLY got some letters from him as well.   He has been stressing about writing letters as he feels he is a poor speller and writer (which we really don't care we just want to hear from him).

 He said things have been crazy busy for him, weeks feeling like days and some days feeling like weeks. He is learning a lot and enjoying reading from Preach My Gospel.  He has been the senior companion the whole time he was in the MTC. He had an on and off relationship with his companion, mostly good though. He said when Ryan left that was really hard on him. He loved the temple day they had. He did explain all of the new knowledge he has been getting is like drinking from a fire hose, you get more on you than in you.  He said his scriptures look like a coloring book inside and he tabs the outside too so it is a rainbow of colors. He has a sister missionary that had taken him under her wing and was helping him with different things. He said he is missing home a little but knows he will be great and that will go away soon.

He received a letter from his mission President stating that he would be in the mission home both Wednesday after arrival and Thursday for Thanksgiving.

He sends his love.

Until next time.....

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