Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

so time to kinda tell you how the work is going!! teaching is going great to the investigators we already have but we can not get any new ones to save our lives. its very sad to see how many people wont even open the door. Elder summers and i went knocking on Sunday after church during the football game guess how many houses had nice polite people answer?........................ If you said none you are wrong if you said two you are wrong but if you said one you are correct. curt grimes was the mans name he loves missionaries but he goes to the church he goes to and wont convert cause he has friends at the church and that is the issue ran in to everyday. the people don't seem to be looking doctrines or principals of a church the seem to just follow friends and parents and grandparents.
its funny that's how we all are at some point but we all need to learn what the church means for our selves. although i am not all understanding or all knowing try every day to make my mission worth your time my time and the lords time. I feel i have excepted this calling and have ran with it although i have fell down on my self and have many challenges thrown to me i know through prayer and scripture study i will progress and grow every day. 

This is Stephen's update for the week. Hopefully next week I will have a working computer.
Until next time....

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