Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

Stephen is doing well, he has also gained 30 pounds since he has been out. He says it is helping him keep a bit warmer since it is cold enough there to freeze a polar bear.
He was saying people ask him and his companion if they are brothers a lot because they both have red hair which makes me giggle.
His companion and him have had some difficulties seeing eye to eye but they have decided to put their differences aside and work together because they are both there to serve The Lord nothing else.
Sounds like they have a baptism set up and are working on another one. Keeping busy with those is helping lift his spirits quite a bit. They also have another investigator that they are seeing his heart open up as well. They have a member family that they love and since they have been around them more their kids have decided to start their mission papers as well. Stephen is very excited for them.
He sounds like he is doing great, really happy, growing a ton and just overall the amazing man we always told him he would be.
He doesn't write a lot as he feels he is not good at this but he does great. We love hearing from him and all.

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