Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

This week was a week of many moves we helped three familys move in the ward and more then a few none member familys move out of the ward boundries. we also got dropped by a less active who we have been cutting her lawn since before i got in to ralston. why she dropped us we went over and tryed to teach her now she is going to pay someone to cut her lawn. Well i guess she has that right to choose to pay......
So this week in a nut shell was a poor week my bike tried to kill me again!!! This time it was just my leg and knee was scratched up but i kept biking its been a few days of healing no it itches like crazy. O yes my last crash i now have two lovely scars on my wrist. This time i guess the seat was to high and the seat fell backwards and the tire caught my leg a little bit. so one thing i have decided i am not riding my bike around mockingbird St. 
This week teach consisted of three lessons very sad week. but this week we already have at least five lessons planned. so it should be a good week, plus we have the car so my leg can get a rest.
So we spent all day friday moving and a painting project. the day started at 8am and i forgot to shave and by that night i had a nice little beard growing that is one thing i have been having a hard time once again with shaving daily but hey as long as i do it...... I think!!!!
So we are doing not a whole lot of nothing but working with members to try to get people to teach through them cause it seems thats the best way to do it here.
Well with the humidity staying hydrated is a bit of a trick cause i am not thirst very often so i have to force my self to drink some water. but other times i just drink it like it is candy...... So the place we are staying the members have been gone for almost the whole transfer and the come home the day the changes happen. but the left and told us the set the temp to 75...... Elder Taylor has a clock that tells the temp and we have seen it at 85.... yea its a bit hot sleep has not been fun sleeping spred eagle and still cooking to death but we have a box fan!!!! ha ha ha hot air blowing around, and we open the window, then when we have our 1am or 2am storms i get a puddle of water on my bed........ And no i didnt do it myself.
Well i guess its time to make like a tree and leaf this forest.
Elder Stepen J Larson

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