Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

So here are some bits of Stephen's emails to me today. He is struggling a bit still but is looking at the positive. In the letter I got today he has had an attack of chiggers, his bike is still trying to kill him and his area has a lot of religion questions but lazy when it comes to really wanting the answers. Says they want to know the truth but don't want to listen to what the missionaries have to say.  He is going to try to write more often still struggles with that.                                                  
Moira and family, he said he will get you a thank you letter out but in the meantime, he loved the package and is very grateful for it.

 I am still in Ralston / La Vista Ward, With The Elder James Taylor!

I have been trying lately to have a more positive out look with my mission and being here, not just enduring but enjoying and helping and talking to everyone....... even the people that flip us the bird!!

Being positive is not easy when other peoples agency is involved.

That is one big thing I have been working on as well. working with others agency and trying to help them.  

I know you love me and will be support for what I ever I choose. That's what makes you such an amazing mom!!!!

Its to bad not all moms can be you!!!

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