Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

What a treat two weeks in a row!!!!! I guess I am getting faster at typing..... or something of that nature!!

So where to start is the question. Well with transfers knocking on the door and Elder Taylor and myself are prepping the area for change at this point it is a complete toss up who will be staying and who will be going although he has been here for two more transfers longer then me he also only has 14 weeks remaining in the mission field which means after this transfer he will have two transfers left. which is just enough time to train a greenie. but the only one that knows is the lord and the mission president.

We will be hearing about transfers next Thursday the 18th or 19th.

This past Saturday during the husker game instead of knocking doors and upsetting people we built a retaining wall for a member in the cottonwood ward. that was a blast we used railway ties so they were a little heavy but a blast to work with the retaining wall was three tall and 4 wide. We worked on that plus tilling up a large area to get ready to plant grass seed.......... the seed the use I guess is like super seed or something the seed starts to grow within a week and is ready to cut within 2 weeks!!!!!

I bet my dad would like some of those super seeds!!!

This past week I can hardly remember it because of the fastness of it. President Weston gave us a commitment at our last zone training to read the Book Of Mormon in 16 weeks which by his math is 5 pages a day and right now I am 10 pages behind the pack. But not only are we reading but we are high lighting and marking every time we see God or Jesus Christ or any other name that they are called. We are also circling the word heart. It is amazing how often you see the word heart in the B.O.M.

Well I guess I just would like to say I am super grateful for the people I have meet all who I am starting to know and I am looking forward to meeting many new people!!!!

O yes. Elder Taylor and myself went fishing once again this week this time we went with our ward mission leader and a less-active member of our ward. between all the fishers we caught 17 fish. it was such a blast.


Elder Stephen J Larson

PS Keep Smiling and being the awesome peoples I know!!!!!!!!
      Miss you all but will you soon!!!!!

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