Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

This week has been a bit of a challenge I have been sick. With a sorrow throat and coughing and funny head pains. so these area has had much work/ stuff done.
Spiritually I have taken a huge blow from conference. A lot of thoughts have been going through my head if I am out here for the right reasons or not. More then a few of the talks that I really heard and spoke to my heart really talked about not just being a member but doing all that we can do to magnify our callings and honestly I don't feel like I have magnified anything since I have been out on a mission. I feel that I have done the bare necessities of being a missionary. 
Its interesting how as I am feeling down I am starting to kinda reflect the things and the people that have gone right. But what more can I do???
1. Start now!!!- Many times I have found my self in life just happily going with the flow of things not really showing much potential or really showing the skills(talents) or even using them to grow.
2. Ask-  Ask our Heavenly Father ask our families our friends those that we know care and love us. take their advice and words to heart and know you are loved(for those giving the advice if it is a bit hard or harsh remember what the D&C says Give it and then show an increase of love)
3. Seek-  Answers from both our Heavenly Father and our loved ones!! To seek is not to simple just have them tell us what we are doing wrong or what we could do right its also is finding answers in different ways. That we are selves help solve. 
4. Apply- We can not always apply everything but we can apply the things that we can see doing the best to help us change and improve and if those things do not help or seem to hard to do try new things from the advice given.
I know this Email has been kinda weird/odd/ different but these Email is MY SOLM SWEAR TO NO BE HAPPY WITH THE FLOW TO BE THE ONE TO NOT ONLY REACH THE BAR WHICH HAS BEEN RAISED BUT DO IT IN SUCH A WAY TO SHOCK THE HECK OUT OF ALL YOU READING THIS EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From this day which is the 6th day of October 2014, I will magnify all calling and tasks and duties which shall come to me.
With much love and devotion
Elder Stephen James Larson   

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