Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27, 2014... I forgot to post this from last week

Well planner number eight is about to find its way in to the suitcase for a long winters nap!!!! this week is transfers Elder Millett and I may finely have things more flowy with less bumps, hiccups and speed bumps. It took five weeks but we did it and the possibility of one us being transferred is a  possibility. I was in the eagle run for four transfers so I could very well be leaving and he has gotten some help that he was needing so its possible that he could be going as well but you know we could just stay together for one more then her well only have 12 weeks remaining.
The lord knows but not me.
So I guess over the last few weeks I have really began to question things. We have found people that believe we only need the Bible ( A Bible a Bible we have a Bible and have no need for more Bible)(sorry for the miss quote) and that  the BOM is just a book written by a man and that we worship "Joe Smith" that he takes the place of god and that we are not a Christian believing people. So I have been diving in to the bible a bit more then I would ever think about. the Bible is good yes. does it have the whole truth of Jesus Christ's teaching? no not really. Does it have some truths? Of course it has some truth as does every church and religion on the face of the earth! Joseph Smith leaned that many churches draw near unto the lord with there mouths but they are from him in their hearts. These people we have come in contact have help strengthen and make my testimony grow!!! That have brought to my attention that I don't know everything and what I do know its maybe not as solid as it could be so it makes me want to learn a bit more and be able to more fully testify! I know that what I'm out here preaching is the true word of god and that there is a prophet of god here on this earth today he speaks directly to the lord and he receives guidance from the lord on how to more better live our lives and how we can improve. I know that the atonement of Jesus Christ was provided for us all to use more fully in our lives to make mistakes. When we fall short (for me almost daily) I know that if I ask for forgiveness and try again tomorrow with the goal to improve and grow from those stumbling blocks. I know that this church is the one and only true church. As I have been reading the Book Of Mormon and looking for certain thing I have found myself more fully aware of the love that GOD and Jesus Christ have for me. This is but a part of my testimony that is within my heart and I just want to share this part with you at this time.
Thanks y'all fer all y'alls doin fer me!!!!!!!
(I'm starting to learn my language.... YAY)
Elder Stephen James Larson
Ps Keep on smiling and doing your very best because that's all we can do. and improve every day!!!!

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