Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well this last week we just went crazy working and did alot of finding less-active members of our ward and we found a good number and had two come to church yesterday. So it was a pretty awesome week. The lady we taught the week before that taught us the restoration she did the same this week and taught us part of the plan of happeness. So we have told her to keep reading and pray about the truthfullness of what you are reading and what we are sharing.
So this past week on sunday i also twisted my ankle on saturday and got grounded to the house so saturday was not our most busy day. when i twisted my ankle the pain was so sharp i thought i was going to throw up. but i didnt!! elder millett and i will be trying a new way of biking this week we got a tandum bike!!!!!!!! (pictures will be taken)
this week we also have a mission tour...... Some kinda big deal i guess. We will be traveling to lincoln at 6:40 am and having Elder Brent H. Nielson and his wife speak to us. This will be pretty sweet minus the 6:40am van ride to lincoln. which means 5ammorning for us so we can get ready and go get the Elders we are in a car share with. Also i will be able to see half the mission i am sure that almost everyone from my mtc group will be there and also Elder Taylor(he is going home this transfer) but it will be a way sweet learning experiance.
really not a whole lot and a ton to talk about. We do have a baptizm set for november 22. hopefully all will go well cause we are now starting to fight against the clock. we have two more lessons and an interview to get done before she can be be baptized.
coming from a devoriced family is hard but working with a devoriced family adds a whole new level of diffuculty to the whole thing. If I might ask could you awesome folks please Pray for Haley Miles, Brother Miles, Sister Miles, and Julie.
Long story short Haley is our baptizm on the 22. Brother and sister miles are her dad and stepmom, Julie is her birth mom. Dad and stepmom are going through some really rough and bumpy roads. Julie is not a church going person and she is not fighting against haley but she is not supporting her also. So just some prayers for this family would be fantastic. Also some prayers for Jo-Jo Young as she is reading and learning about the church that she can learn of the truthfulness of it. 
Well Elder Millett is walking around like a lion at the zoo in the cage. so i best be ending my Email.
Love you all i hope all is going well
Much love from
Elder Stephen J Larson

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