Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Well the fall is here you can feel it, you can see it, you can taste it, you can touch it............ Or stomp on all the cruchy leafs!!!!!!!!!
So late emails today decided to go play volleyball this morning but i am now paying for it, sore and tired have little energy. but o what a blast.
So this past week was a not a good week but we pulled through and taught a golden gator. she basically taught us the beging of the restoration.... we just agreed and then taught here why a restoration had to happen, about Joseph smith and what the book of mormon was and how it all fits together cant wait until Wednesday to go talk to her again. 
We found out yesterday in our moring meeting that we need to work a little faster with our 9 year old investagator her family is planning down to bellvue which is very sad cause that family is so awesome.
You know football is in full swing so teaching on saturdays is a bit tough even trying to teach the members or get in with the members the sure do love thier football here in the midwest!!! at least nebraska isnt lossing so then no one will talk to us after the games. I can say go huskers keep winning so people of nebraska will be happy and want to talk.
The last few weeks i have been giving out chapters of the book of mormon to read and its the same ones mosiah 23 & 24 i dont kniow why but it is the scripture that is stuck in my head the past little bit. 
Right now driving around is really sweet when we see bean fields or corn fields you can see big trucks driving through the fields and harvesting the crops.  Its pretty awesome to see.
Well i really dont know what to say any more besides all of you keep being awsome!!!!!
Elder Stephen J Larson

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